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The current Freelance Marketplace

The current freelance marketplace works mostly like a platform for matchmaking, where businesses post their service requirements and freelancers bid on the project. The entire operation gets unorganized after (sometimes even before) matchmaking, and many times, freelancers with the right skill sets get unnoticed because of huge competition. Adding to it, the current gig marketplace relies heavily on the commission model from either party (or both).

Ecstasy Creatives envisions to break the commission model with our unique revenue structure and systemize a standard operating procedure (SOP) with our end-to-end project support, offering a chance for every freelancer on our platform to explore their potential with equal opportunities and without a social station.

Building a lifestyle for Unconventional Freelancing

Ecstasy Creatives is a SaaS-based company that unites freelancers for businesses globally, and manages end-to-end operations. The strategic gaps in Freelancing where freelancers struggle to find projects and clients feel obscure in connecting with the right freelancers is where we find our market. Unlike the traditional freelance marketplaces, where they only allow businesses to connect with freelancers anonymously, in Ecstasy Creatives, we take the responsibility of connecting with the right freelancer for projects, based on various criteria that the project requires, matching the freelancer's skills and exposure. Our use of AI automation strategies will reduce the stress of finding the right candidature for businesses and the efforts of bidding for freelancers.

We do not end with just matchmaking, but also manage end-to-end operations with our SaaS product, ECLance, a Freelance Management System supported by a dedicated Project Manager, skilled in the major verticals of the service offering, making us unique amidst our competitors. Finally, our major highlight is our zero-commission business model. To put it simply, the difference in the cost of a Project and Freelancers' cost makes our major source of revenue.

Collaboration made easy with ECLance

Experience a hassle-free freelance management processes with our SaaS platform ECLance, which has pre-built automated workflows and round robin scheduling that lets you check your project progress in live-time, share comments at a task level, interact with our team and much more.

Our Mission and Vision

Empower Freelancing in every part of India and the stigma of conventional freelancing

In the growing trends of Gig Marketplace, the COVID-19 impact forecasted a demandable upraise in the Freelance Marketplace. Many professionals started freelancing and this is the time when Ecstasy Creatives started to get recognition. Our vision is to empower freelancing in every part of India, which is still a stigma and we have some really enthusiastic like-minded entrepreneurs with us on this mission.

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